The genealogy record of
Hraunsætt on Ingjaldssandur,
Northwest Iceland

This genealogy record has taken several years of work - and I am still working on it.
The descendants of Eirikur Tomasson in this genealogical record are over 3000 and I am shure there are still some missing. I have been in contact with some genealogists here in Iceland that have helped me alot with this work.
Each of the children of Eirikur Tomasson and Kristin Nikulasdottir has its own record. That makes it easier to print the record for each child. If applicable, there are links to other records. On the Icelandic page the number of descendants has been listed by each of the siblings.
I have been contacted by many relatives with additions/corrections. The descendants of Thuridur have been very active, especially Snæbjörn Ásgeirsson and Elsa E. Guðjónsson.
Descendant of Kristin, Gunnsteinn Gunnarsson has also been very helpful.

I need more information from descendants of Jon and Tomas, especially. Please contact me if you have valid information.

I would be extremely pleased if those descendants living abroad who could add to the record and/or make corrections would drop me a line. It is often more difficult to reach those abroad and usually we have less information about them. I have been aware of some people from abroad visiting the record, people from the USA and Denmark - please drop me a line. I can not see your e-mail addresses, but I have seen a track of you from information provided by the counter.

Eirikur Tomasson and Kristin Nikulasdottir had 13 children, of which 10 had descendants, one died as infant, but two sisters did not have descendants.
There is a list of names of all descendants with links to their listings in the records. That should make it easy for people to locate themselves. The names are arranged according to the Icelandic custom of listing by the first name.

If you have any additions/corrections please let me know.

Eirikur Th. Einarsson

Lindasmári 37

Mobile: +354-863 3154

201 Kopavogur